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Our Mission

We are driven by our belief in the incredible power and effusive joy of cultivating confidence and community through our products & services. 

Our Values

At Empower Dance Studio, everything we do is guided by our core values. Our values keep us grounded in our mission to cultivate our students' confidence and strengthen our community through professional, accessible dance education. Movement is a tool that connects us to ourselves, each other, and the world. Aligning our actions and energy with our core values empowers us to move through this world with purpose, joyfully. 


We move together to strengthen our community. We show up for ourselves and each other to share our experiences and learn together. We are responsible for creating the world of collaboration, representation, and creativity we believe is possible.


We believe in a power greater than ourselves. We have complete trust and confidence in ourselves and each other. We know that we are part of something bigger than we can imagine and that our actions matter.

Safe Space

We celebrate and respect people from all backgrounds. Each decision is made with a commitment to celebrating each person's natural beauty and cultivating self-confidence.

Personal Growth

We know that growth requires movement. Through movement, we develop our strengths and find our footing along our path. We believe that discovering and embracing our inner beauty and strength is necessary to nourish our continued growth.


We witness our passion and effort ignite joy. We feel the joy of moving and create opportunities for others to share in that joy. In all we do, our goal is to create more positive energy and joy in the world.


Located in the heart of the Historic Black Wall Street in Downtown Durham, NC, the Empower Circle is a family-run business committed to strengthening community and creating products and services to help children and families.  Empower initially started as a dance studio in 2015, as a place to cultivate community through dance and movement.

After seeing a need to further inspire and empower children and their families, the Empower Circle has expanded its reach to encourage, support, and ensure a safe space for populations who are generally overlooked, underrepresented, and misunderstood.  Under the direction of its founder and CEO Nicole Oxendine, Empower continues with the successful studio and connected nonprofit foundation, in line with its commitment to corporate responsibility. In addition, the Empower Circle is chartering new territories with books, retail merchandise, community engagement consulting, and other initiatives to empower communities through art around the world.

Our Focus Areas

Our Focus Areas

The Empower Circle consists of 5 pillars.


Empower Dance nurtures and fosters natural beauty, instills self-confidence, and reinforces positive images of dancers from all backgrounds.


Empower clothing and accessories are to have you feel confident in your body. Empowerwear clothing and accessories is all about movement. Our attire is comfortable and professional l in attire that is comfortable, you can move in, bubbly, flowy, neutrals with pops of color, comfort clothing, and layers.

The mission of the Empower Dance Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit committed to eliminating the barriers to dance.

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Empower engagement is about connecting with community through creative approach for engaging communities.


Empower promotes and provides a safe space for community events and performances.

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