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Store Hours: Tuesday - Friday 3-7pm and Saturday 10am- 3pm

Location: 121 Market St. Durham NC 27701


Emma Empower

Our Bear collection is designed to foster community through positive friendships and interactions while acknowledging differences. The Empower Seven Book Series features seven bears in a dance class, centered around Emma Empower, the Hot Pink Bear who just wants to make friends. Her story is universally understood as the root of us just wanting human connection at any age, especially as young as the 5-7 age group. Her six friends make up the Empower Circle and their dance instructor. Each story of the different Bears (Rainbow) demonstrate how Empower Dance Studio empower these bears. A children's version of the power of the subconscious mind, that pushes the idea that they can affect change in their lives to better themselves and the world around them.  The Emma Empower brand includes bears, books, animated series, clothing for bears, coloring books. 

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